The Body of Benchers is a statutory Body established by the Legal Practitioners Act, 1962 (as amended), Cap. L11 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004. Section 3 of the Act stipulates that the Body of Benchers is the Legal Body of Practitioners of the highest distinction in the legal profession, which shall be responsible for the formal call to the Bar of persons seeking to become legal practitioners as well as disciplining of erring lawyers.


After Nigeria’s independence the Unsworth Commission of Legal Education was constituted by the then Prime Minister Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. The major recommendation was then henceforth all Lawyers should attend a mandatory course at the Nigeria Law School as a pre-condition for enrolment at the Supreme Court.

When the Body of Benchers was established, it had 16 members who were known as Foundation Members and were conferred with the state of Life Benchers, with Hon. Justice Adetokunbo Ademola, GCON as the pioneer Chairman of the Body.

The Body of Benchers is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal. This is provided for pursuant to Section 3 (2) of the Act. This means the Body can sue and be sued in its own corporate name.

Being a Body created by an enabling law, the status of the Body as provided under the Legal Practitioners Act is that of an agency of the Federal Government under the Judiciary.


  1. The Chief Justice of Nigeria and all the Justices of the Supreme Court;
  2. The President of the Court of Appeal
  3. The Attorney General of the Federation;
  4. The Presiding Justices of the Court of Appeal Divisions;
  5. The Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja;
  6. The Chief Judge of the Federal High Court;
  1. The Presiding Justices of the Court of Appeal Divisions;
  2. The Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja;
  3. The Chief Judge of the Federal High Court;
  4. The Chief Judges of the States of the Federation;
  5. The Attorney-General of the States of the Federation;
  6. The President of the Nigerian Bar Association;
  1. The Chairman of the Council of Legal Education;
  2. Thirty Legal Practitioners nominated by the Nigerian Bar Association;
  3. Such Number of persons not exceeding ten, who appear to the Body of Benchers to be eminent members of the Legal Profession in Nigeria of not less than 15 years’ of post-call standing.


  1. Call to Bar: One of the vital functions of the Body of Benchers is the formal Call to the Bar of persons desirous of becoming Legal Practitioners. This means that every qualified lawyer in Nigeria, whether belonging to the Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor or at the Bench as a Judge or Magistrate only becomes so qualified by virtue of being called to the Bar by the Body of Benchers and issued a certificate of Call. 
  2. Discipline of Lawyers: Another vital function of the Body of Benchers is the discipline of erring lawyers in Nigeria. This key function is carried out by the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee (LPDC) of the Body of Benchers. The Committee is charged with the duty of considering and determining any case where it is alleged that a person whose name is on the role has misbehaved in his capacity as a legal practitioner or for any other reason be the subject of proceedings under the Legal Practitioners Act.
  3. The Body of Benchers makes certain regulations towards upholding the core values of the legal profession. The Body of Benchers plays the significant advisory role of ensuring a harmonious relationship between the Bar and the Bench on any matter referred to the Body as it relates to the overall development of the legal profession. This important role is discharged by the Elders Committee of the Body.
  4. Section 3 (5) of the Legal Practitioners Act provides that the Body of Benchers shall have the power to make regulations for inter alia determining in connection thereto of any matter, which, in the opinion of the Benchers, requires to be determined.
  5. Sequel to the powers conferred on the Body of Benchers in (d) above, the Body, in its regulations provided for the establishment of Standing Committees of the Body from time to time and for such purposes as may be determined by the Body.



Hon. Justice Mary U. Peter-Odili, CFR, DSSRS
Life Bencher


Chief A. S. Awomolo, SAN
Life Bencher


  1. Hon. Justice Adetokumbo Ademola, GCFR (Deceased)
  2. Hon. Justice Taslim Ellias, GCON (Deceased)
  3. Sir Darnley Alexender, KBE (Deceased)
  4. Hon. Justice Augustine Nnamani (Deceased)
  5. Hon. Justice Mohammed Bello, GCON (Deceased)
  6. Hon. Justice G.S. Sowemimo, GCON (Deceased)
  7. Chief Toye Coker, SAN (Deceased)
  8. Chief Dr. G. C. M. Onyuike, SAN (Deceased)
  9. Chief T.O. S. Benson, CFR, SAN (Deceased)
  10. Hon. Justice Fatayi-Williams, GCON (Deceased)
  11. Chief R.O.A. Akinjide, CON, SAN (Deceased)
  12. Hon. Justice A.G. Irikefe, GCON (Deceased)
  13. Alh. A. G. F. Abdul-Razaq, OFR, SAN (Deceased)
  14. Hon. Justice Kayode Eso, CON (Deceased)
  15. Chief F.R.A. Williams, CFR, SAN (Deceased)
  16. Hon. Justice Mamman Nasir, GCON  (Deceased)
  17. Hon. Justice A.O. Obaseki, CON (Deceased)
  18. Webber George Egbe, QC, SAN (Deceased)
  19. Hon. Judge Prince Bola CFR, SAN
  20. Chief Bankole Oki, SAN (Deceased)
  21. Hon. Justice M.L. Uwais, GCON
  22. Mr. Kehinde Sofola, CON, SAN (Deceased)
  23. Hon. Justice M.M.A. Akanbi, CON (Deceased)
  24. Dr. Mudiaga Odje, OFR  (Deceased)
  25. Hon. Justice S.M.A Belgore, GCON
  26. Mrs. H.A. Balogun, OON
  27. Hon. Justice A. B. Wali, CON (Deceased)
  28. Alh. Abdullahi Ibrahim, CON, SAN (Deceased)
  29. Hon. Justice Karibi-Whyte, CON (Deceased)
  30. Sir C. O. Akpamgbo, SAN (Deceased)
  31. Hon. Justice I.L. Kutigi, GCON (Deceased)
  32. Chief Debo Akande, SAN (Deceased)
  33. Hon. Justice S. U. Onu, CON (Deceased)
  34. Chief M. A. Ajomale (Deceased)
  35. Hon. Justice Umar F. Abdullahi, CON
  36. Elder S.M. Olakunri, SAN
  37. Hon. Justice A. Katsina-Alu, GCON (Deceased)
  38. Chief G.N. Uwechue, SAN
  39. Hon. Justice Dahiru Musdapher, GCON (Deceased)
  40. Chief Idowu Sofola, MON, SAN (Deceased)
  41. Hon. Justice M.A. Mukhtar, GCON
  42. Chief T.J.O. Okpoko, OON, SAN
  43. Hon. Justice Mahmud Mohammed, GCON
  44. Chief Bandele A. Aiku, SAN (Deceased)
  45. Hon. Justice W.S.N. Onnoghen, GCON
  46. Alh. Bashir M. Dalhatu
  47. Hon. Justice Dr. I. T. Muhammad, CFR
  48. Mr. O. C. J. Okocha, MFR, SAN
  49. Hon. Justice Olabode Rhodes-Vivour, CFR
  50. Chief Wole Olanipekun, OFR, SAN



  1. Chief Amb. C.D. Orike
  2. Hon. Justice T.A. Oyeyipo, OFR
  3. K. O. Longe, Esq
  4. Alh. (Dr.) Aliyu Salman, SAN
  5. Hon. Justice Uthman Mohammed, CON
  6. Hon. Justice A.I. Iguh, CON
  7. Hon. Justice U.A. Kalgo, CFR
  8. Hon. Justice G.A. Oguntade, CFR
  9. Hon. Justice S.A. Akintan, CON
  10. Hon. Justice R.H. Cudjoe, OFR
  11. Hon Justice Umaru Eri, CON
  12. Hon. Justice D.N. Eyamba-Idem, OFR
  13. Chief Badru Olaogun
  14. Chief A.S. Awomolo, SAN
  15. Chief Albert Akpomudje, SAN
  16. Mrs. Funke Adekoya, SAN
  17. Mr. Olisa Agbakoba, OON, SAN
  18. Hon. Justice A.I. Salami, CON
  19. Hon. Justice J.O. Ogebe, CON
  20. Hon. Justice Tijjani Abubakar, OFR
  21. Hon. Justice B.S. Bansi, OFR
  22. Hon. Justice R.P.I. Bozimo, OFR
  23. Mr. J. B. Daudu, SAN
  24. Sir G. Ofodile Okafor, OON, SAN
  25. Hon. Justice F.F. Tabai, CON
  26. Hon. Justice J.A. Fabiyi, CFR
  27. Hon. Justice Z.A. Bulkachuwa, CFR
  28. Hon. Justice Ibrahim Umar, OFR
  29. Hon. Justice L.H. Gummi, OFR
  30. Hon. Justice A.N. Nwankwo, CON
  31. Tijjani Inuwa-Dutse, mni, Esq
  32. Mr. R.A. Lawal-Rabana, SAN
  33. Chief O.B. Onyali, SAN
  34. Chief (Mrs) Pricilla O. Kuye
  35. Yinka Fayokun, Esq
  36. Chief Sena Anthony
  37. Chief Adeniyi Akintola, SAN
  38. Mr. A.B. Mahmoud, OON, SAN
  39. Hon. Justice Suleiman Galadima, CFR
  40. Hon. Justice S.A. Mahuta, OFR
  41. Hon. Justice I.N. Ndu, OFR
  42. Mr. Dele Adesina, SAN
  43. Prince Lanke Odogiyon
  44. (H.E.) Oluwarotimi O. Akeredolu, SAN
  45. Chief M.O.O. Nwamu
  46. Mr. Yusuf O. Ali, SAN
  47. Mrs. Fatima Kwaku, MFR
  48. Hon. Justice Amiru Sanusi, OFR
  49. Chief J. K. Gadzama, OFR, SAN
  50. (H.E.) Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, CFR
  51. Mr. Augustine Alegeh, SAN
  52. Mr. Okey Wali, SAN
  53. Hon. Justice K. B. Akaahs, OFR
  54. Hon. Justice M. D. Mohammed
  55. Hon. Justice C. B. Ogunbiyi
  56. Hon. Justice M. Peter Odili, CFR
  57. Hon. Justice M. L. Garba
  58. Hon. Justice M. B. Dongban- Mensem
  59. Hon. Justice H.Y. Heman, CON
  60. Hon. Justice Kashim Zannah, OFR
  61. Hon. Justice Kate Abiri, CON
  62. Hon. Justice I. N Auta, OFR
  63. A. Mustapha Goniri, Esq
  64. Mr. Umeh Kalu, SAN
  65. Chief Bayo Ojo, CON, SAN
  66. Mr. Tajudeen Oladoja, Esq
  67. Mr. Emmanuel C. Ukala, SAN
  68. Ichie L.M.E Ezeofor
  69. Mr. Adetokunbo Kayode, SAN
  70. Sen. Victor Ndoma-Egba, CON, SAN
  71. Chief Charles Uwensuyi-Edosomwan, SAN
  72. Mr. C. A. Ajuyah, SAN
  73. Hon. Justice Emmanuel Ayoola, CON
  74. Hon. Justice Olukayode Ariwoola
  75. Hon. Justice K.M.O. Kekere-Ekun
  76. Hon. Justice Amina Augie, CON
  77. Hon. Justice P. A. Galumje
  78. Hon. Justice U. M. Abba Aji
  79. Hon. Justice R. C. Agbo
  80. Hon. Justice J. O. Bada
  81. Hon. Justice S. Denton West
  82. Hon. Justice A. S. Dahiru, OFR
  83. Hon. Justice Kulu Aliyu, OFR
  84. Mrs. Nella Andem-Rabana, SAN
  85. Mr. Joe Abrahams, SAN
  86. Hon. Edward G. Pwajok, SAN
  87. Hon. Justice C. O. Idahosa
  88. Mr. Eyitayo Jegede, SAN
  89. Mr. Akin Osinbajo, SAN
  90. Hon. Justice Olasehinde Kumuyi
  91. Hon. Justice A.S. Daramola
  92. Hon. Justice Peter N.C. Umeadi
  93. Hon. Justice Josephine Y. Tuktur
  94. Hon. Justice O.O. Olopade, CON
  95. Mr. Kamaldeen Ajibade, SAN
  96. Mr. Sani H. Garun Gabas, SAN
  97. Chief John A. A. Ochoga
  98. Lady Debbie N. Obodokwu
  99. Mr. Olumuyiwa Akinboro, SAN
  100. Ebenezer Obeya, Esq
  101. Ibrahim Mark, Esq
  102. Mrs. H. A. Turaki
  103. Hon. Justice O. F. Omoleye
  104. Hon. Justice H. M. Ogunwunmiju
  105. (H. E.) Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, GCON, SAN
  106. S. Ibrahim Tahir, Esq
  107. Hon. Justice Olufunola O. Adekeye, CON
  108. Hon. Justice S. S. Alagoa, OFR
  109. Hon. Justice Oyebola O. Ojo
  110. Hon. Justice S. U. Dikko
  111. Prof. Ogugua V. C. Ikpeze
  112. Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN
  113. (H. E.) Chief Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, CON
  114. Mr. D. D. Dodo, OFR, SAN
  115. Hon. Justice J. I. Okoro
  116. Hon. Justice C. C. Nweze
  117. Hon. Justice Abdul Aboki
  118. Hon. Justice I. K. Banu
  119. Hon. Justice Marshal Umukoro
  120. Hon. Justice Ishaq Bello
  121. Murtala Aliyu Kankia, Esq
  122. Hon. Justice A. G. Mshelia
  123. Mr. Abubakar Malami, SAN
  124. Hon. Justice S. D. Kawu
  125. Hon. Justice M. L. Abimbola
  126. Hon. Justice P. O. Nnadi
  127. Mr. Uwemedimo Nwoko, SAN
  128. Kaka Shehu Lawan, Esq
  129. Mr. Sulaiman Usman, SAN
  130. Dr. Francis Chuka Agbu, SAN
  131. Chief Ferdinand Oshioke Orbih, SAN
  132. Dr. T. C. Osanakpo, SAN
  133. Hon. Justice Fati Lami Abubakar, CON
  134. Mr. Joe Agi, SAN
  135. Hon. Justice Ahmad Belgore
  136. Hon. Justice Rabi Umar
  137. Hon. Justice Nura S. Umar
  138. Chief Miletus Eze
  139. Ahmad Usman El-Marzuq
  140. Mr. Ibrahim Sanni Muhammed, SAN
  141. Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN
  142. George Etomi, Esq


  1. Hon. Justice F. O. Anyaegbunam, CON
  2. Chief B. A. Ibironke, SAN
  3. Otunba (Mrs) Ajayi Okunuga, SAN
  4. Hon. Justice A. N. Aniagolu, CON
  5. Hon. Justice Philip Nna-Emeka Agu, CON
  6. Hon. Justice H. O. Okwuosa
  7. Hon. Justice M. E. Ogundare, CON
  8. Hon. Justice Muazu Mohammed, OFR
  9. Hon. Justice Edem Koofreh
  10. Prof. Jelili Omotola, SAN
  11. Chief Olisa Chukwura, OFR, SAN
  12. Chief Philip Umeadi, SAN
  13. Dr. F. A. Ajayi, OON, SAN
  14. Hon. Justice C. O. Oputa, CON
  15. Law O. Akhidenor, Esq
  16. Chief D. O. Ajijola, SAN
  17. Chief Chike Ofodile, SAN
  18. Hon. Justice M. B. Belgore
  19. Hon. Justice S. S. Darazo, OFR
  20. Hon. Justice A. O. Ejiwunmi, CON
  21. Hon. Justice Olajide Olatawura, CON
  22. Chief Andrew Ayemene, SAN
  23. Hon. Justice Niki Tobi, CON
  24. Segun Onakoya, Esq
  25. Chief N. Nwanodi, SAN
  26. Alh. S. A. M. Liberty, OFR
  27. M. U. Ibrahim, Esq
  28. Chief J. K. Jegede, SAN
  29. Hon. Justice M. S. Commassie, CON
  30. Chief Bayo Aluko-Olokun, SAN
  31. Hon. Justice M. O. Onalaja, OFR
  32. Charles Mafua, Esq
  33. Abdulhameed Ibrahim, Esq
  34. Hon. Justice L. C. Dakyen
  35. Mr. Obi Okwusogu, SAN
  36. Hon. Justice I. F. Ogbuagu, CON
  37. Hon. Justice F. A. Ibiyeye, OFR
  38. (HRM) D.V.F. Olateru Olagbegi, CFR
  39. Hon. Justice M.D. Saleh, CON
  40. Hon. Justice G. M. Nabaruma
  41. Chief A.O.E Eghobamien, SAN
  42. Hon. Justice Nasiru Ajanah, CON
  43. Inuwa Abdul-Kadir, Esq
  44. Hon. Justice J.N. Ndajiwo, OFR
  45. Hon. Justice Adamu Aliyu, OFR
  46. Hon. Justice Shehu Atiku
  47. Chief Ziggy Azike
  48. Hon. Justice N. S. Ngwuta, CFR
  49. Hon. Justice Aminu Sabo Ringim
  50. Hon. Justice K. M. Kolo
  51. Hon. Justice I. Hwande, OFR


  1. Hon. Justice Dr. I.T. Muhammad, CFR
    Chief Justice of Nigeria, LB
  2. Hon. Justice M. Peter Odili, CFR
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  3. Hon. Justice Olukayode Ariwoola
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  4. Hon. Justice M.D. Muhammad
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  5. Hon. Justice K.M.O. Kekere-Ekun
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  6. Hon. Justice J. I. Okoro
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  7. Hon. Justice C. C. Nweze
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  8. Hon. Justice Amina Augie, CON
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  9. Hon. Justice Ejembi Eko
    Justice, Supreme Court
  10. Hon. Justice U. M. Abba Aji
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  11. Hon. Justice Abdu Aboki
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  12. Hon. Justice H.M. Ogunwumiju
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  13. Hon. Justice Lawal Garba
    Justice, Supreme Court, LB
  14. Hon. Justice M.M Saulawa
    Justice, Supreme Court
  15. Hon. Justice J. Adamu Jauro
    Justice, Supreme Court
  16. Hon. Justice Tijjani Abubakar
    Justice, Supreme Court
  17. Hon. Justice Emmanuel Agim
    Justice, Supreme Court


  1. Hon. Justice M. B. Dongban- Mensem
    President, Court of Appeal, LB
  2. Hon. Justice Joseph. S. Ikyegh
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Port Harcourt,
  3. Hon. Justice R. C. Agbo
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Calabar, LB
  4. Hon. Justice J. O. Bada
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Lagos, LB
  5. Hon. Justice O. F. Omoleye
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Benin, LB
  6. Hon. Justice James Shehu Abiriyi
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Jos
  7. Hon. Justice J. H. Sankey
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Gombe
  8. Hon. Justice. Ahmad O. Belgore
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Enugu
  9. Hon. Justice Ali. A.B Gumel
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Sokoto
  10. Hon Justice H. S. Tsammani
    ‎Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Abuja
  11. Hon. Justice M. A. Owoade
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Kaduna
  12. Hon. Justice U. I. Ndukwe-Anyanwu
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Ilorin
  13. Hon. Justice Ita George Mbaba
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Kano
  14. Hon. Justice Chidi N. Uwa
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Yola
  15. Hon. Justice T. N. Orji-Abadua
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Ekiti
  16. Hon. Justice H. S. Tsammani
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Abuja
  17. Hon Justice C. E. Nwosu-Iheme
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Awka
  18. Hon. Justice A. O. Lokulo-Sodipe
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Akure
  19. Hon. Justice R. N Pemu
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Owerri
  20. Hon. Justice Mohammed A. Danjuma
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Asaba
  21. Hon. Justice I. I. Agube
    Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Makurdi


Hon. Justice John T. Tsoho


Hon. Justice Husseini Baba-Yusuf


  1. 1. Justice Onuoha A. K. Ogwe
    Chief Judge, Abia State
  2. Hon. Justice Nathan Musa
    Chief Judge, Adamawa State
  3. Hon. JusticeEkaette F. Fabian-Obot
    Chief Judge, Akwa-Ibom State
  4. Hon. Justice Onochie M. Anyachebelu
    Chief Judge, Anambra State
  5. Hon. Justice Rabi T. Umar
    Chief Judge, Bauchi State
  6. Hon. Justice Kate Abiri, CON
    Chief Judge, Bayelsa State, LB
  7. Hon. Justice Aondover Kakaan
    Chief Judge, Benue State
  8. Hon. Justice Kashim Zannah, OFR
    Chief Judge, Borno State, LB
  9. Hon. Justice Akon Bassey Ikpeme
    Chief Judge, Cross River State
  10. Hon. Justice Theresa T. Obiajulu O. Diai
    Chief Judge, Delta State
  11. Hon. Justice Ngene Anagu Elvis
    Chief Judge, Ebonyi State
  12. Hon. Justice Joe Acha
    Chief Judge, Edo State
  13. Hon. Justice Oyewole Adeyeye
    Chief Judge, Ekiti State
  14. Hon. Justice Afojulu Raymond Ozoemena
    Chief Judge, Enugu State
  15. Hon. Justice Joseph Ahmed Awak
    Chief Judge, Gombe State
  16. Hon. Justice T. E. Chikeka
    Chief Judge, Imo State
  17. Hon. Justice Umaru Maigari Sadiq
    Chief Judge, Jigawa State
  18. Hon. Justice Mohammed Lawal Bello
    Chief Judge, Kaduna State
  19. Hon. Justice Nura Sagir Umar
    Chief Judge, Kano State
  20. Hon. Justice Musa Danladi Abubakar
    Chief Judge, Katsina State
  21. Hon. Justice Mohammed Suleiman Ambursa
    Chief Judge, Kebbi State
  22. Hon. Justice Richard Oloruju Olorunfemi
    (Ag) Chief Judge, Kogi State
  23. Hon. Justice Sulyman Kawu
    Chief Judge, Kwara State, LB
  24. Hon. Justice Kazeem Alogba
    Chief Judge, Lagos State
  25. Hon. Justice Aisha Bashir Aliyu
    Chief Judge, Nasarawa State
  26. Hon. Justice Halima Ibrahim Abdumalik
    (Ag) Chief Judge, Niger State
  27. Hon. Justice Mosunmola Dipeolu
    Chief Judge, Ogun State
  28. Hon. Justice W. A. Akintoroye
    Chief Judge, Ondo State
  29. Hon. Justice Oyebola A. Ojo
    Chief Judge, Osun State, LB
  30. Hon. Justice Munta L. Abimbola
    Chief Judge, Oyo State, LB
  31. Hon. Justice David G. Mann
    Ag. Chief Judge, Plateau State
  32. Hon. Justice Simeon Chibuzor Amadi
    Chief Judge, Rivers State
  33. Hon. Justice Saídu Sifawa
    Chief Judge, Sokoto State
  34. Hon. Justice Philibus Andhetur
    Chief Judge, Taraba State
  35. Hon. Justice Gumna Kasim Kaigama
    Chief Judge, Yobe State
  36. Hon. Justice Kulu Aliyu
    Chief Judge, Zamfara State, LB


Mr. Abubakar Malami, SAN, LB


  1. Chief Uche Ihediwa
    Hon. Attorney General, Abia State
  2. Afraimu K. Jingi, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Adamawa State
  3. Mr. Uko Essien Udom, SAN
    Hon. Attorney General, Akwa Ibom
  4. Dr. M. I. Obianuju Nwogu
    Hon. Attorney General, Anambra State
  5. Abubakar Abdullhamid Bununu
    Hon. Attorney General, Bauchi State
  6. Andrew S. Arthur, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Bayelsa State
  7. Michael Gusa, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Benue State
  8. Kaka Shehu Lawan, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Borno State, LB
  9. Tanko Ashang, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Cross River State
  10. Mr. Isaiah Bozimo
    Hon. Attorney General, Delta State
  11. Cletus Nwokoro Ofoke, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Ebonyi State
  12. Prof. Yinka Omorogbe, SAN
    Hon. Attorney General, Edo State
  13. Wale Fapohunda, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Ekiti State
  14. Chief Miletus E. Eze
    Hon. Attorney General, Enugu State, LB
  15. Zubairu Mohammad Umar, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Gombe State
  16. Mr. C. O. C. Akaolisa
    Hon. Attorney General, Imo State
  17. Dr. Musa Adamu Aliyu
    Hon. Attorney General Jigawa State
  18. Mrs. Aisha Dikko
    Hon. Attorney General, Kaduna State
  19. Musa Abdullahi Lawan, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Kano State
  20. Ahmad U.M. El-Marzuq, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General Katsina State
  21. Mrs. Ramatu Adamu Gulma
    Hon. Attorney General, Kebbi State
  22. Mr. Ibrahim S. Mohammed, SAN
    Hon. Attorney General, Kogi State, LB
  23. Ayinla Salman Jawondo, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Kwara State
  24. Mr. Moyo J. Onigbanjo, SAN
    Hon. Attorney General, Lagos State
  25. Dr. Abdulkarim A. Kana
    Hon. Attorney General, Nasarawa State
  26. Nasara Dan-Mallam, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Niger State
  27. Gbolahan Adeniran, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Ogun State
  28. Sir Charles Titiloye
    Hon. Attorney General, Ondo State
  29. Akande Oluwafemi, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Osun State
  30. Prof. Oyelowo Oyewo, SAN
    Hon. Attorney General, Oyo State
  31. Chrysanthus Ahmadu, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Plateau State
  32. Prof. Zacchaeus Adangor, SAN
    Hon. Attorney General, Rivers State
  33. Mr. Sulaiman Usman, SAN
    Hon. Attorney General, Sokoto State, LB
  34. Chief Samuel. B. Adda
    Hon. Attorney General Taraba State
  35. Saleh Samanja, Esq
    Hon. Attorney General, Yobe State
  36. Junaidu Aminu, Esq
    Attorney General, Zamfara State



Chief Emeka Ngige, SAN


Olumide Akpata, Esq


  1. Mr. Obafemi Adewale, SAN
  2. Mr. Yunuz Ustaz Usman, SAN
  3. Dr. Muiz Banire, SAN
  4. Dr. Garba Tetengi, SAN
  5. Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN
  6. Mr. Olusina Sofola, SAN
  7. Mr. Babatunde Aiku, SAN
  8. Prof. Mamman Yusufari, SAN
  9. Chief Ifedayo Adedipe, SAN
  10. Mrs. F. Boma Ayomide Alabi, OON, SAN
  11. Chief Ofiong E. B. Offiong, SAN
  12. Mrs. Olufunmi Oluyede
  13. Prof. Isa Hayatu Chiroma, SAN
  14. Razak Osayiande Isenalumhe, ESQ
  15. Mrs. Gloria Umoren
  16. Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN
  17. Prof. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, OON
  18. Mr. Solomon Umoh, SAN
  19. Dr. Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN
  20. Jonathan Taidi, Esq
  21. Gweke Akudihor, Esq
  22. Efefiom Ekong, Esq
  23. Anozie Obi, Esq
  24. Bukhari Bello, MFR, mni, Esq
  25. Anthony Iroagalachi, Esq
  26. Mrs. Oludayo Olorunfemi


  1. Mohammed A. Abubakar, Esq
  2. Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara
  3. Hon. Justice Babatunde Adejumo, OFR
  4. A. G. Saleh, Esq
  5. Mr. Leslie Arthur Olutayo Nylander, SAN
  6. Mr. Adeniji Kazeem, SAN
  7. Sen. Mike Ajegbo
  8. Mr. Amaechi Chukwudube Okwuosa


  1. Sen. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele
  2. Hon. Onofiok A. Luke


  1. Hon. Justice Chinwe Eugene Iyizoba
  2. Hon. Justice Adama Iye Iyayi-Lamikanra
  3. Hon. Justice Ngozi Priscilla Emehelu
  4. Mr. Awa Uma Kalu, SAN
  5. Mrs. Mfon Usoro


  1. Daniel M. Tela, Esq